Welcome to Aravaipa Rides! 


Welcome to Aravaipa Rides. We are a new endurance mountain bike event company based out of Phoenix, Arizona. If you know the name Aravaipa, you know we come from a long background of endurance trail and ultra running. We are bringing our expertise in trail events to the two wheeled space and we have never been more stoked.

Our events aim to be fun, inclusive and stunningly beautiful. Come hit the trails with us whether you've been curious about getting started or are lookin for something a little bit different.

Check out our 2019 event schedule. More events coming soon!

June 14

Estrella Mtn Regional Park Avondale, AZ


6 Hour | 6 Hour Duo

3 Hour | 9.5 Mile

August 16

White Tank Mtn Regional Park Waddell, AZ


6 Hour | 6 Hour Duo

3 Hour | 7 Mile

Sept. 27

McDowell Mtn Regional Park Fountain Hills, AZ


12 Hour | 12 Hour Duo

12 Hour Trio | 12 Hour Quad

6 Hour | 6 Hour Duo

15.5 Mile

Ride Hard. Ride Long.